Dynamic Developments is a construction management and solutions company.
We are an owner-operated home improvement business that offers a wide range of residential new construction and home renovation services. We take pride in the quality of our services and work closely with the customer to ensure the project is completed to their satisfaction.
We are a complete service design/build team that includes engineers, designers, carpenters, project managers and office staff who strive for exceptional quality in every renovation and new build that we do.

"Calgary Herald Reader's Choice "Renovator of the Year" Award Winner"


At Dynamic Developments, we believe that a successful renovation isn't simply about tearing down and starting over. Sometimes its about retaining materials and labor which have value and history. We love taking a home that's already good and making it great.


Dynamic Developments is a full-service construction company, from conception to completion. We do everything from large-scale builds to smaller renovations. No job is too large or too trivial. We take great pride in services that guarantee a greater level of control, transparency, and accountability.


At Dynamic Developments, our clear vision is building excellence for all of our clients. We follow through on our commitments. we have never failed to complete a project and can honestly say that our clients have become close friends. After all, you are inviting us into your home and we promise to leave it better than when we first arrived!


Why Dynamic Developments?

Welcome to Dynamic Developments, a different kind of custom builder and renovator where you are the only one that matters. You see, we believe that the best results are the kind that exceed YOUR expectations. Nothing short of that makes any sense.

After many years working in the custom home industry for other builders, it became increasingly frustrating for us to see the builder take advantage of the customer, by "stretching out the timeline", "finding additional costs" and more times than not, falling short on quality and long on disappointment. It was great for the builder... not so great for the client..., and quite frankly as employees, flat out embarrassing!

At Dynamic Developments, we take pride in under promising and over delivering. Quite the opposite of what most consumers have become accustomed to when it comes to home renovations and new builds. We offer design services, budgeting advice and of course top notch trades to produce amazing results. After all, for the majority of us, we've spent a long time dreaming of the project and probably even longer saving for it, so it only makes sense to spend a little bit more time researching and employing the best.

We invite you to browse through our before and after photographs, check out our client comments section and even drop us a question or two about your projects. We would be honored to help you achieve your vision.


Al and Elaine McNaughton



Dynamic Developments get the job done right and efficiently, this is what we like when we have properties that need to go back out on the market. Great work Dynamic Developments

Aly Bhimji

SERVICES PROVIDED: Commercial, Basements

Another job well-done by Dynamic Developments...can you come down to Vancouver and do my bathroom and front-room...I love my kitchen!!!!!!!!!


SERVICES PROVIDED: Full Kitchen Renovation